Thursday, July 08, 2010

(by my brother)

Another great website for sikh paintings is by Bhagat Singh Bedi. He has made many sikh paintings which you can see through his gallery. His paintings are available to purchase at his website. Below is one of his paintings of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj at Machhiwara.

"Auranzeb’s army attacked the haveli in Chamkaur, where Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji (tenth Guru of Sikhs) had taken refuge from his previous assaults. A grim battle took place, which resulted in the death of almost all of Guru Sahib’s men, including his two older sons. His younger sons and mother had been lost on the way to Chamkaur due to harsh weather conditions.
After resisting the onslaught of the tyrannical governement, Guru Gobind Singh ji slipped into the forests of Machhiwara. It is said that Guru Sahib was still in the highest of spirits, in chardi kala, even after losing all his loved ones and devotees. He rested in this forest overnight, and while Auranzeb’s army searched for him, he was rescued by his Muslim devotees in the morning. They disguised him as their pir, Sufi master, and lead him away from the hostile environment."


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