Monday, February 22, 2010

The Sikh Path to Spiritual Progression - Part 1 of 2...

(Taken from Sikhi Article)

Humans have been intrigued by the question of their origin since time immemorial. The quests to find out where we came from, our role here on earth, and where our spirit will end up are scientific, spiritual and philosophical concerns.

In India, in the fifteenth century, these questions had a poignant significance, as indignities and oppression became the order of the day. For example, those considered to be from a lower class were humiliated constantly with menial work and not allowed to even hear the scriptures let alone read them.

They were outcast as 'untouchables'. Hypocrisy, superstition and double standards particularly in the name of religion had become endemic. Women were subjected to all forms of discrimination and were not considered equal in social, politcal, cultural and religious terms. The Mughal rulers who dominated the political scene constantly humiliated the indigenous population.

A general malaise, despondency and suffering pervaded society at that time. It was in this context that people began to question God's existence and the causes of human suffering. It was because of suffering and the oppression of the weak that God sent Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj to help humanity...


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