Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Sikh Guru's Message to Humanity - Part 2 of 2...

(By my Brother)

Respecting World Scriptures & Living up to their Message.

Avil Alh nUru aupwieAw kudriq ky sB bMdy ]
aval aleh noor oupaaeiaa kudharath kae sabh ba(n)dhae
First, Allah created the Light; then, by His Creative Power, He made all mortal beings

eyk nUr qy sBu jgu aupijAw kaun Bly ko mMdy ]1]
eaek noor thae sabh jag oupajiaa koun bhalae ko ma(n)dhae 1
From the One Light, the entire universe welled up. So who is good, and who is bad? 1 (Prabhati Kabir Ji: 1349-19)

300 hundred years ago in 1708, the sacred text was exalted to the position of 'Living Guru', a feature unique to Sikh Tradition amongst the world's faiths. This followed 239 years after the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 1469, an event likened to the bright sun dawning on all the earth, lifting humankind from a long night of obscure darkness.

On his many journeys, encountering people of different walks of life, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji would utter divinely-inspired hyms, urging us to recognise each others inherent dignity, to awaken our latent divinity and channel this into making our stay on earth worthwhile...


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