Sunday, January 25, 2009

Akhand Jaap Sat 24th Jan 2009...

(By my Brother)

The Akhand Jaap (24th Jan 2009) which took place in Hounslow, London with Maharaaj Jis Kirpaa was a great success. The whole Gurudwara was completely full of Sangat, young and old, for the programme. There will be full audio recordings of the whole 12 hours for the sangat very soon, which will be available to download. There will also be some videos and photos to view later on also.

An audio clip of the Acappella Jatha at this Akhand Jaap is available on which you can download here. There are some more Waheguru Simran recordings available on via their Multimedia Audio -> Events & Programmes -> 2009 Section.

A few photos of this Akhand Jaap are also available on, which you can see on the link here.

Info about Akhand Jaaps in general

The Akhand Jaap sevadaars would kindly like to thank all Sangat, Kirtanis, Sevadaars etc for making the Akhand Jaap a huge success.


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