Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chessington Theme Park Photos 2008 Part 3 of 3...

(By my Brother)

All of us guys went on the bumper cars. Here's when kiran was about to crash in to me! lol :) & she's trying to get her driving license! lol :)

Jivan got hit many times! :)

But still came out smiling! :)

Amans craaaaaazy! She was gona in all sorts of directions! lol :)

Lil Amar singh loved driving the cars! lol :)

Posing for a photo while we was driving.When we was driving we all could hear screams! I now know where they were all coming from! lol

Getting ready for round two!

I hated this ride! lol This ride was called "Black Buccaneer", the pirate ships would swing up and down and go higher and higher everytime! :) You feel as if your gona fall out! lol :) It gives your stomach a similiar feeling as when you are driving over a very steep hill.

Bhups loved the ride so much she went on a few times! lol :)

Jivan was nearly sick here! :)

3rd time!

The Chana family with Gurpreet Singh...

The Chana family getting ready to go on the "Bubbleworks" indoor water ride.

Myself, Bhups, Sony and Gurpeet Singh getting ready to go on the ride aswel! :)

Lil Amrit was excited about this ride!

Some of the displays as you are on the ride...

Aman Kaur...

When you get to the end of the ride, water starts shooting over your head! :)

We all got a lil wet! lol :)

Lil Amrit didnt like this bit! lol

The water fountains...

Getting soaked! lol :)

Myself and Aman luckily only got soaked a lil bit! :)


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