Thursday, July 10, 2008

Visit of lil Amrit Singh...

(By my Brother)

We had a visit from our lil Nephew Amrit Singh, below are some pics from his visit! :) These photos were taken in June 2008.

Amrit Singh loves cars, so we took some photos with Amrit Singh with some cars.

Here i opened the sunroft and he didnt mind me pulling him up there! :)

He got scared tho, sitting on top of the car! :)

All lil kids lov the Front seat becoz of the steering wheel...

When Jazz put him in the back seat he didnt like it! lol :)

It was quite cold outside, so my Bhabi Ji put a warm coat on! :)

Sony had to put one on aswel! :)

Afterwards we did some Kirtan...

Lil Amrit Singh does some good Simran! Satnaam Waheguru!


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