Thursday, June 15, 2006

Big Dog!

(By my Brother)

Me and Davinder went to Veer Gurbir Singh Jis (Below) house the other day, and we saw his dog. His dog was so so so so big! I just couldnt believe how big it was. It was the biggest dog ive ever seen.
Veer Ji told us that a few months ago he had some builders round his house. The builders went into his garden and started playing with the dog, big mistake! The dog started barking and then he started chasing the builders around the garden. hehe :). The dog then bit two of the builders. The other builders got so scared of the dog, they hid in Veer Ji garage and refused to come out till Veer Ji chained up the dog. hehe :).
When i saw the dog i thought he was gona bite me! me and davinder kinda stayed away from the dog :). Veer Ji told us that he probably would bite us! But what was so funny was that Veer Jis two little children (a three year old and four year old) were running around playing with the dog like he was their little brother.

Veer Gurbir Singh Ji. Hes a very funny, Chardikala Gursikh. He teaches a Hung Gar Kung Fu class in southall if anyones interested.

The Dog. I forgot his name, but hes ten years old.

In this picture he doesnt look so big, but trust me,
hes very big and scary! :)


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